This is the virtually unknown tale of the independent medieval Jewish Kingdom of Septimania which flourished for 140 years in southern France, and its first king who bore three names, but none as portentous as his fourth---Messiah!

His subjects worshipped him and followed him with unflinching zeal, with excellent reason.Their king was brilliant beyond measure, charismatic, and above all else successful. Unbelievably, he became uncle to Charlemagne, with his bloodline forever intermingled with the Carolingian kings of of France. He fought alongside Charlemagne with his Jewish army, the first Jewish army in seven centuries, carrying his banner, the Lion of Judah, from victory to victory, enlarging his realm fourfold. Most importantly he fulfilled each and every prediction regarding the timing of the arrival of the Expected One.

The incredible story of the Messiah of Septimania has been unearthed from medieval works written in Latin, Arabic, French, German and Hebrew. It is a gripping story that could not possibly be true, except that it was.